Glad to hear that TGW is a good site. Guys — unfortunately we did not investigate enough before buying R9 clubs from the site http: Three distinct materials — a dense Tunite alloy cradle, lightweight titanium face, and special vibration-dampening TPU SenSert — are married together in our most technologically advanced irons ever manufactured. All sounds bogus to me. You say Rockbottomgolf receives many of its good from major retailers.

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Prices are low but warning flags keep popping up. Remember golf club manufacturers spends millions of dollars developing and researching their products to make what in ca,laway end is a precision instrument. I would really appreciate if you could provide a list of what you consider safe sites and the taboo sites. Could someone shed callzway light on this test for me on whether or not that applies to fairway woods too, cuz the magnet stuck.

How to Tell Fake Callaway Clubs

Did you notice is was hard to understand, it started one sentence with a lower case letter and that it used Cal,away spelling when it is trying to pass itself off as a British website with prices in pounds sterling.

Posted June 16, If the stores should really be getting products from the manufacturers, then their inventories should be updated and low-priced. Anyone have feedback on a site called Onlinegolfwholesaler. I was wondering if anyone has heard or had any experience http: There prices are much lower then any others I have seen.


In which category do you come into? Thanks for the help and support guys! Upon review, some of the warning flags mentioned here are present — questionable grammer, no phone number or physical address, no customer reviews. McCoy is a journalism graduate of Ryerson University. China and Taiwan began to get almost all the work in regards to golf club manufacturing about 2 decades ago. That may happen for some of the lesser brands of clubs but I am sure the more ethical manufacturers — such as Titleist or Ping — would not allow anything of the sort.

Duane, It gives me great pleasure to reply to your comments that my accusations about Rockbottom are ill-founded and unqualified.

Counterfeit Epics – Callaway Community

However on close inspection we can see that one of them is beginning to rust – no prizes for guessing that this is the counterfeit. Does anyone have experience with this site?

I made the mistake of purchasing a set of Callaway X irons from golfstoreshop. KuiemQuiem did the transaction and is still pending.

How about knock offs? I know because we have these guys in my league.

I just filed a dispute with eBay with their “new, faster process to resolve”, should I also do that with Paypal as well? I presume the user of such a term is trying to imply that they have got hold of some clubs that were made by countfrfeit real manufacturer but have been secured at special price in a special deal.


The cosmetic differences are not immediately obvious unless you are inspecting dozens of genuine FT-Is on a daily basis; Note how the three squares denoting whether draw, cxllaway or neutral model are fractionally bigger on the fake; the black plastic ferrule covering the join of the shaft to the head is slightly thinner — and the metal band slightly wider. Does it have a telephone number which is not just for taking orders, countereit it have a physical address for an actual retail outlet, does it offer free delivery throughout the world.

Do they do steak knives?

Counterfeit Golf Clubs

The serial numbers on their irons are under the grip so they are harder to check. I guess these guys get them locally since they are close to the manufacturer…not sure. X series is made in china so it should say assembled in china.

He is not on the Adams authorized list. My friend bring this club to the Golfsmith for trade in. Are you implying that all Adams clubs are genuine? I’ve forgotten my password.