Also supported under Linux 1. Continuously Comparison with Trigger Output To compare multiple data continuously, functions for building comparison tables are provided and are shown below: Change to pps if Sensor 3 is touched. This chapter gives the guidelines for establishing a control system and manually testing the HSL-4XMO module to verify correct operation. Signal Connections 19 Page 30 3. This mode is most commonly used.

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Select the home return mode. The dispatching task includes the motion ASIC command, data downloading command, point table command and script program downloading command.


Page 59 To specify a circular interpolation path, the following parameters must be clearly defined: The input circuit of the INP signals is shown in the diagram below: Page 8 List of Tables Table Communication Block Diagram 4. The time unit is mini-second. List of Tables Table The end-limit switch is active 3. Page 47 Figure The second function builds on an arbitrary comparison table data array. The soft limit is extremely useful in protecting a mechanical system as it works like a physical limit switch when correctly set.


When calling 3-axis linear interpolation functions, the vector speed is needed to define axlink start velocity, StrVel, and maximum velocity, MaxVel. If having two slave modules, we suggest that the second ID can be set at 2. An image of ysl moving object is easily obtained. It is useful in detecting step-loses stalls in situations of a stepping motor when an encoder is applied.

High Speed Link (HSL)

Finally, the command would be: Page 37 Figure In-position Signal INP The in-position signal is usually generated by the servomotor driver adoink is ordinarily an open collector output signal. The logic polarity of the ORG signal level or latched input mode is also selectable using this function as well.

EL only Figure Page developed program. Light-On means Active, while Light-Off indicates inactive. Pulse IO Configuration Menu 1. Play Keys X X Left play button: Page 32 Figure However, certain limitations do exist.

The ALM signal usually is generated by the servomotor driver and is ordinarily an open collector output signal. Page 38 closed contact switches can be used.


The sink current must not exceed 20mA or the will be damaged! An external circuit must provide at least 6mA current sink capabilities to drive the ALM signal. X Check what you have section 2.

Page 51 Figure The following diagram shows the waveform. Default setting is normal high.